Quality of life optimization in old and very old patients with erectile dysfunction

S. F. Salehov, O.M. Ivko (St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Russia; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; ”On Clinic”, Institute of Modern Medicine, Almaty, Kazakhstan;)

The influence of sexual disorders on the quality of life of men is beyond any doubts. Sexual activity is inevitably reduced against the background of hormonal transformations of the organism and development of accompanying pathologies in old and very old age. Our study was aimed at estimating the effect of restored erectile function on the quality of life in old and very old men. We analyzed the data of an anonymous volunteer poll conducted with 268 patients of the “On Clinic” Institute of Modern Medicine, aged 59-84, who complained of erectile dysfunction. It was found, that the subjective conception of sexual disorders is frequently regarded as a condition, adversely affecting the quality of life to a much higher extent, than somatic pathology, which is accompanied by drastically reduced working capacity and lack of movement. Dopplerography of penis vessels showed 40,5-86,3% blood circulation deficiency. During tests with vasoactive medications 212 patients showed only functional disorders of the blood circulation, while in 56 patients these disorders were related to a combination of organic and functional disorders. After 2 months of complex, individually planned therapy 127 patients reported spontaneous erections, 47 more patients – after 3 months, and 32 more patients – after 4 months of treatment, only 39 patients more having spontaneous erections after longer terms of treatment. In the rest of cases erections were observed only after intracavernous injection therapy. Positive dynamics were reported by all patients. Spontaneous erections occurring not only during treatment, but also after the completion of therapy courses provided for the subjective comfort in the conception of the patients’ own sexual potency, improved the quality of lfe of patients and increased their social activity. Thus, restored erection in old and very old men exerted a positive effect on their quality of life.