Quality of life optimization in old and very old patients with erectile dysfunction

The influence of sexual disorders on the quality of life of men is beyond any doubts. Sexual activity is inevitably reduced against the background of hormonal transformations of the organism and development of accompanying pathologies in old and very old age. Our study was aimed at estimating the effect of restored erectile function on the quality of life in old and very old men. We analyzed the data of an anonymous volunteer poll conducted with 268 patients of the “On Clinic” Institute of Modern Medicine, aged 59-84, who complained of erectile dysfunction.

Effect of sport-related traumas on the adaptive capacities of old and very old persons

Adaptation to physical loads is a reaction of the whole organism, but heavy physical loads and specific alterations in different organs may provoke diseases. Some researchers consider professional sports to disrupt the homeostatic balance of the organism. This is especially true for “bigtime” sports, being characterized by extensive and intensive training (2-4 workouts a day) for several years. In this case excessive loads and stress play the role of etiologic and complicating factors for the damage of tissues and development of diseases. All this is even more aggravated in the process of ageing and infringes the adaptive capacities of the organism. Our work was aimed at estimating the capability of ex-sportsmen to adapt to their conditions of life.